You Too Can ThrIVe in Wheeling

You Too Can ThrIVe in Wheeling

By: Jeremy Morris


In recent years, the popularity of alternative therapy and treatments has been a growing trend in the wellness community.  Gyms and spas in metro areas around the country have been adding these treatments and services to their facilities. Yet, as often the case, rural communities are left without these novel services.


Wheeling, however, is fortunate to have a growing wellness spa that offers our residents and visitors an opportunity to experience cutting-edge health and wellness interventions.   As Downtown Wheeling’s only recovery, wellness & aesthetics spa ThrIVe Wheeling provides various services to improve your health and well-being.


Owner Jessica Barclay saw a need for a wellness spa in the community.  She was traveling to Pittsburgh, Columbus, Akron and other cities to experience these alternative wellness treatments.  “I honestly got tired of the driving,” she says, “and other people would say they wished the treatments weren’t so far away.”  It wasn’t long before she and her partner, Vanessa Craig, opened a wellness and recovery spa.


They purchased a downtown building in 2018 and opened ThrIVe Wheeling in May 2019, initially focusing on wellness recovery services.  Three years later, the operation has expanded and has a growing offering of aesthetic treatments that complement the spa’s wellness amenities.


“What I truly love about our place is that men are as comfortable here as women, young are as comfortable here as older adults,” says Barclay. “We have a lot of athletes that come in, we have football teams that come in, we have grandmas and grandpas that come in.”  Every client gets a tour of the facility on their first visit, so they are comfortable.  Once at ease the ThrIVe staff works with them one-on-one to develop a treatment plan that meets their needs.


While ThrIVe can accommodate walk-ins, Barclay does recommend scheduling appointments either by phone or text (304-381-6844), or the appointment scheduler on their website. Those visiting from out-of-town should schedule ahead as some services require skilled staff while other services may be booked several days out.


Below highlights some of ThrIVe Wheeling’s services. For a complete listing of their wellness and aesthetic offerings, visit their website.



They offer a whole-body cryotherapy chamber where a client steps in clothed in athletic gear to a closed room at minus 151 degrees for three minutes.  “It will make you feel like you have been shot out of a cannon,” jokes Barclay, “It’s a great sleep enhancer, great mood booster, it’s great for inflammation.  It’s a wonderful refreshing experience.”


They also have localized cryotherapy, which is targeted cryotherapy for problematic areas such as knees, elbows, or shoulders.  “It’s more comfortable than ice pack and we can get the temperature colder,” says Barclay.



The AllCore360 is a core fitness machine that you ride, and it exercises 54 muscles from just below your jaw to your hips.  ThrIVe is one of only 60 locations in America to have an AllCore360º machine. These machines are typically found in physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities.


Infrared Sauna

There are three private infrared saunas at the facility that reach a temperature of 160 degrees. Clients can use the saunas for up to 30 minutes.  “Saunas are great for detox, great for skin enhancement, you can burn up to 600 calories in one session,” she says.


Halo Therapy

The Halo Therapy bed spits out microscopic particles of pharmaceutical-grade salt into the air. The therapy is a holistic approach to recreate the environment inside a salt cave, an arid climate.  “It is good for breathing issues such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis and skin issues like psoriasis.  It’s also deeply relaxing.” says Barclay.


IV Therapy

IV Therapy was one of the original five wellness services offered by ThrIVe. Their medical team is onsite several days a week to provide hydration therapy for clients. “All of the IV hydration options can be viewed online from their website, and then called in just like ordering a pizza,” Barclay jokes.  For those unsure which hydration drip may best suit them, the nurse practitioner is ready to help guide them.



The “kegel throne,” as Barclay calls it, is one of the newer medical treatments at ThrIVe.  “It is non-invasive and is done fully clothed, no awkward exams,” says Barclay.  The machine helps the client do 12,500 (yes, that is a correct number) kegel contractions during a 30-minute session. Kegel exercises support improved urinary function and sexual health for both women and men


ThrIVe Wheeling is located at 1052 Main Street, Wheeling, WV

Visit their website:

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Phone: 304-650-5162