We Will be Here for You…When You are Ready

We Will be Here for You… When You are Ready

By: Jeremy Morris

Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal.  The season of greening grass.  The season of budding leaves and emerging blossoms.


Winter pushes us into a smaller circle of activity, and we take refuge indoors from the cold rain and snow. As winter grinds on, we yearn for spring and that changing of the sun’s angle in the sky.


As that joyful process happened this year, we emerged from our smaller circle of activity to find ourselves social distancing, unable to fully celebrate Spring traditions of Easter, Passover, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.  These ever-important markers upon our mental calendars.


A ‘socially distant’ spring has seemed a tad slower in many respects, but maybe we are moving at the appropriate speed to appreciate nature’s slow ascent. Perhaps we should stop and take note of nature’s renewal happening around us, just for a minute.


Most of us (granted not all) have fewer places to be.

Deadlines have become somewhat looser or at least forgivable.

School is online.

Though, parents are part-time teachers.

Coffee meetups are by phone.

Church service is on Facebook.

No conferences, though more conference calls. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

Restaurants are take-out and mostly eaten at home around our dinner table.


It’s a new normal.  And that may all change soon too.


We are told the only constant in life is change.  Most change in life is so subtle we rarely notice it, but the last few weeks have been so abrupt we can barely stand it.


Whatever the future holds, know your favorite spots, your favorite activities here in Wheeling are waiting for you.


That patio seat at Later Gator, it’s yours when you are ready.


That fish sandwich at Coleman’s, it’s yours when you are ready.


Oglebay is still picture-perfect, every single day. Oglebay is yours when you are ready.


Wheeling is waiting. We will keep you posted.


We will be here when you are ready.