Continuing the Legacy of Earl Oglebay

Over 100 years ago, a tradition of generous hospitality began at the summer estate of Earl W. Oglebay. Today, the picturesque beauty of Oglebay’s property has expanded to include 2,000 acres of year-round recreational activities and exceptional overnight accommodations amid the property’s natural beauty.

Oglebay, a public park, has been studied by planners worldwide. It is the only self-supporting public municipal park in operation in the United States. It stands as a successful tribute to Earl W. Oglebay, a notable achievement of the Wheeling Park Commission, and a credit to the many benefactors and organizations involved in its growth.

The Wheeling Park Commission

Wheeling Park, Oglebay’s sister park, is a 406-acre property located minutes from Oglebay. Since 1925, Wheeling Park has provided recreational activities and entertainment for guests of all ages. Wheeling Park’s sprawling 406-acre property features an executive 9-hole golf course, foot golf, pedal boating, indoor and outdoor tennis, outdoor pool with diving board and waterslide, ice skating, playgrounds, picnic sites and shelters, soccer fields and the historic White Palace banquet facility. Together, Oglebay and Wheeling Park make up the Wheeling Park Commission.

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