Heritage Port Station Bike Share

What is Wheeling Bike Share?
A bicycle-sharing system, public bicycle system, or bike-share scheme is a service in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals on a very short-term basis. This allows each bike to serve several users per day. Wheeling Bike Share is designed for short-term rental on paved roads or paved trails, such as the Wheeling Heritage Trail. Bikes must be rented from the Heritage Port Station and returned to Heritage Port Station next to WesBanco Arena.

Wheeling Bike Share Is NOT designed to be a bike rental system where you rent a bike for personal use for the entire day, multi-day, or season. These bikes are meant for leisurely riding by adults (18+) and are considered a shared asset among the community.

How do I rent a bike?
You must have a smart phone and credit card. Download the MOVATIC app to your smart phone, create an account, enter your credit card number and follow the prompts. Location Services and Bluetooth must be enabled on your phone for this system to work.

Where can I rent a bike?
Stations are currently installed only at Heritage Port Station, located next to WesBanco Arena. You may want to check the app first for bike availability at the
station as bikes may all be in use or maintenance mode.

Can I rent multiple bikes under one account?
Yes, you can rent up to three bicycles at a time on one account.

How much does it cost?
$2 per hour.

What if I get a flat tire?
If there is something wrong with the bike please return it to the station, and select “report a problem” in the app. We will get the bike repaired as soon as possible. YOU ARE PART OF THE TEAM! Reporting a problem helps the team!

Are there helmets available?
We currently don’t provide helmets; you must provide your own.

How do I end my rental?
In the MOVATIC App there is a red icon in the top right corner. This feature will prompt you to End the Rental. Make sure to select the correct bike station to return the rental to and Report a Problem if necessary. Once the End the Rental process is complete then the bicycle may be rented again. Rental charges will continue until the bicycle is returned to the bike station and End the Rental is clicked in the MOVATIC App.

I can’t get the bike to lock in and end rental?
To rent and return the bike, you must be standing at the rack, Bluetooth only has a range of 10-15 feet. If you are out of range, it will not work. It is a little touchy returning them you may have to try a couple times. Please make sure to select the correct station, where you are returning the bike, otherwise other users will be blocked from using it. If, for some unforeseen circumstance you cannot lock the bike to the rack, please lock bicycle with the U Lock and key provided to the bike stand beside the restrooms at WesBanco Arena. Please immediately notify us through the app and we will set up arrangements to return they key and credit your account.

Does the app track my ride?
No, the app only tracks rentals and returns from the racks. It does not trace where you go.