One Day Only
April 27, 2019
  • West Virginia Independence Hall
    1528 Market Street Wheeling, WV
  • 304-312-1787
  • Hours
  • Free Admission

Approximately 200 Civil War veterans have their final resting place in Greenwood Cemetery. Ranging from volunteers in the three-month service at the beginning of the conflict to those who served throughout the war, most of those in Greenwood survived their wartime experiences. The majority fought for the Union, but quite a few were Confederate soldiers. Some were wounded; some served time as prisoners of war; some were Wheeling natives; others settled here only after the war. Some lived out their lives in relative obscurity, while others became prominent citizens.

This talk, sponsored by the Ohio Valley Civil War Roundtable, will feature a few of those veterans, their military service, and their later lives and accomplishments.