One Day Only
August 10, 2019

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not appropriate for or typical of a well-bred woman or girl.

Before we were born, society placed certain values, expectations, and standards upon us. From the time we are little girls on the playground and through adulthood, we have constantly been bombarded with messages telling us how to be a proper lady.

Using unladylike as a guiding theme, artists will unpack the traditional rules of being a lady and turn them upside-down to redefine the rules of femininity. By embracing the unladylike, we celebrate every facet of womanhood. Join us to experience how fun, empowering and exciting it is to be unladylike.

Special thanks to Wheeling Heritage for helping fund Unladylike.

Musical performance by:
Sophia Rehak & Hannah Bell

Expected artists include:
Megan Jones
Natalie Kovacs
Mindi Yarbrough
Lizzy Hannah
Amanda Carney
Hannah Wilson
Katie Holt
Rachael Schmitt
Maelin Biondillo
Monica Mull
Alex Wright
Samantha Pearl
Nativa O’Brien
and more!

Door charge: $5
This is a BYOB event.