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August 04, 2022 - September 01, 2022

In 1951, the Ohio County Public Library’s head librarian, Virginia Ebeling, referenced British historian Thomas Carlyle, who said, “the public library is a People’s University,” when she initiated a new adult education program with that name. Miss Ebeling charged the Library with the responsibility of reaching “as many people in the community as possible.” In keeping with that tradition of public libraries as sanctuaries of free learning for all people, the Ohio County Public Library revived the series in 2010.

The People’s University is a free program for adults who wish to continue their education in the liberal arts. It features courses—taught by experts in each subject—that enable patrons to pursue their goal of lifelong learning in classic subjects such as history, philosophy, and literature. Patrons may attend as many classes as they wish. There are no tests of other requirements and all programs are free and open to the public. And now you can watch online too!

Class 1: Thursday, July 21 — 7PM – What is a Dinosaur? – Instructor: Lindsay Kastroll
Class 2: Thursday, July 28 — 7PMThe Dinosaur Family Tree – Instructor: Lindsay Kastroll
Class 3: Thursday, Aug. 4 —  7PM – Tectonics & Dinosaur Dispersal – Instructor: Lindsay Kastroll
Class 4: Thursday, Aug. 11 — 7PM – Dinosaur C.S.I. – Instructor: Lindsay Kastroll
Class 5: Thursday, Aug. 18 — 7PM – Dinosaur Species of Jurassic Park – Instructor: Taylor McCoy
Class 6: Thursday, Aug. 25 — 7PM – The Evolution of Flight- Instructor: Taylor McCoy
Class 7: Thursday, Sept. 1 — 7PM – The End of Dinosaurs and Rise of Mammals – Instructor: Dr. A.R. West