One Day Only
June 11, 2022
  • Grand Vue Park
    250 Trail Drive
    Moundsville, WV 26041
  • 304-233-4667
  • Hours
  • Free Admission

Join us Saturday (June 11th, 2022) at Grand Vue Park’s Zip Line Adventure Area for a telescopic StarWatch from 8 pm to 10 pm.  If the weather cooperates we will telescopically view multiple Deep Space objects along with one “Planet” and one “Planetary Moon”.  Presently it looks like it might be a CloudWatch with intermittent glimpses of the Earth’s Moon.  If the sky is more clouds than Lunar views, we will still be there to answer your astronomy questions and help you with your telescope problems.

Earth (If the sky is cloudy, we will turn a telescope onto the Earth’s horizon and investigate the night time horizon offered by the vantage point of Grand Vue Park’s Zip Line Adventure Area.)

And Earth’s Moon – Luna (at 91% illuminated phase, Luna is 11.91 days old, into the Waxing Gibbous phase – nearing Full Moon) our nearest “planetary” neighbor at 1.21 light-seconds distant is nestled near the bright double star “Zubenelgenubi” in the constellation of Libra. Luna, the smaller Planet in our double-planet Earth-Luna system, as seen through a telescope is a must-see, show stopper.  Luna is found at 8:00 pm low on the South-South-Eastern horizon – rising into the  sky. almost

Deep Sky Objects in and along the Milky Way Galaxy … will be viewed if the sky is clear.

Bring your camera phones to take telescopic pictures of Luna and her craters and mountain ranges.  At near Full-Moon phase, the Lunar features appear as “Flat” and not casting three-dimensionally high-lighted and exaggerated shadows along the terminator line, the “long-shadow” line separating Lunar night and Lunar dawn seen through telescopes.  Tonight we will trade the 3D shadows for enhanced contrast of some Lunar features.  From our perspective the terminator line is the circular edge of the Earth’s Moon.  keep looking up”!

We will observe safe social distancing for the StarWatch event.