One Day Only
June 11, 2019
  • Schrader Environmental Education Center
    465 Lodge Drive Wheeling, WV
  • 304-242-6855
  • Hours
  • oionline.com
  • $10.00

Learn how to successfully start a fire using flint and steel during a special workshop, 2-3:30pm Tuesday, June 11 at the Schrader Center in Oglebay Park.

We’ll also cover basics of fire building and fuel gathering in this hands-on program. Later, enjoy some roasted marshmallows over the fire. All materials provided.

$10 ($5 OI members) per person. Register online or call 304-242-6855.

More about the Schrader Center:

The Schrader Center offers dozens of seasonal nature programs for all ages. Nature enthusiasts gather here to experience a sense of community around a shared love of nature. Preschoolers through adults enjoy our year-round nature activities. Our hands-on programs expand nature knowledge, promote outdoor discovery and foster lifelong learning.