One Day Only
May 31, 2019
  • Oglebay Institute's Mansion Museum
    465 Lodge Drive Wheeling, WV
  • 304-242-7700
  • Hours
  • $7.00

Listening Through the Lens: The Musical Portraits of George J. Kossuth – on display May 30 – September 2 at the Mansion Museum, Oglebay.

Open daily, 10am-5pm, beginning May 31. Free with admission.

Presented in conjunction with Wheeling 250.

About George J. Kossuth:

Born in 1886 and the child of Hungarian immigrants, George J. Kossuth was a self-made man of accomplishment.

A master of the arts and humanities – photography, music, art, the written word, theater, gardening, wood-working and restoration, his work is interwoven with the history of Wheeling.

Kossuth’s extraordinary portraits immortalize internationally-renowned musicians, singers, composers and conductors who visited Wheeling, while his 1219 Chapline Street studio was a haven for the music world in the early-mid 1900s. These portraits also became a sort of “diary” of Kossuth’s own personal influences, aspirations and interests that capture the inner personality and qualities of his subjects.

In addition to his ardent support of musicians and bringing world-class music to Wheeling, Kossuth had a fine baritone voice and enjoyed singing.

Naturally, Kossuth became a leading force in Wheeling institutions including WWVA, Blue Pencil Club, Wheeling Rotary Club, Wheeling’s Civic Music Association, Fort Henry Club, Twilight Club, Wheeling Little Theatre and Oglebay Institute.

His nearly fifty-year career contributed to the cultural movement in the community andleft a legacy that is still felt today.

More about Wheeling 250:

In 2019, Wheeling will commemorate its 250th anniversary with history, education, arts, culture, and community events that reflect on this city’s treasured heritage, recognize our progress, celebrate our current achievements, and collaborate with our community for a bright future.