One Day Only
July 11, 2022

OCPL Kids! Maker Mondays! – Interactive activities in our Children’s Department from 2:00pm – 8:00pm

6 – Monarch Butterflies –  Build an origami planter! Create a flapping butterfly craft! Explore moths and butterflies! Discover how butterflies pollinate flowers!
13 – Honeybees – Build a bee house! Create a bubble wrap painting! Explore how to “code” a bee dance! Discover how bees harvest nectar!
20 – No Maker Monday Event (OCPL closed for West Virginia Day)
27 – Rainbow Trout – Build a fish compass! Create a rainbow fish ornament! Explore a pond habitat! Discover how to make a foam fish swim!
4 – No Maker Monday Event (OCPL closed for Independence Day)
11 – Golden Delicious Apple – Build a tower using straw and apples! Create an apple print! Explore the taste of various apples! Discover the parts of an apple!