One Day Only
January 25, 2019

Exit Zero Entertainment and Tacoholix present Kart-o-holix, an interactive Mario Kart tournament experience, commentated by Ron Scott Jr. and John Harvey . . . accompanied by TACOS and BEER.

Sign-up at 6:15p. Must be 21 or older to enter. $4 entry fee. First come first serve. No reservations.

1st prize: $64
2nd prize: $32
3rd prize: $20
4th prize: $12


Players will race four at a time until the Final Round of 2. Only two players will advance from each four race heat. Lowest total heat time breaks any ties.

In the Qualifying, Opening, and Quarter Final Rounds, players will race in Cups, which will be selected by Administrator spinning the Wheel of Cups.

In the Semi-Final and Final Rounds, players will be competing on four tracks selected by each player in turn. A track may be selected only once per heat.

100cc class karts will be used in the Qualifying and Opening Rounds. 150 cc karts will be used in all subsequent Rounds.

The player with the most points at the conclusion of the Final Round Grand Prix wins.

Heeya wee go!