One Day Only
March 07, 2020

Journey with the Chakana (Inca Cross)

The “Journey with the Chakana (Inca Cross)” workshop invites individuals the opportunity to experience and explore their consciousness through the intention of meditating with the three foundational steps of Peruvian shamanism.

Joseph will share some of the key personal growth and healing lessons he learned during his journey through Peru in 2005 and their direct relationship to the steps of the Inca Cross.

The three steps represent levels of attainment of consciousness in the three ‘worlds’ or tiers:

• Hanan Pacha/ The Condor: Representing the Upper World, the spirits of the sun and planets

• Kay Pacha/The Puma: Representing the Middle World/Present World, this life and elemental spirit

• Uqhu Pacha/The Snake: Representing the Lower World/Inner Realms/Other World, death

This event is on Yoga Mats in the therapeutic & healing Himalayan Salt Sanctuary

$40 – Reservations Required

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