One Day Only
January 19, 2019

It’s almost time for January’s Kid’s Lab!! For this month’s class, we’re going to be making pinch pot monsters! This is the project that kicked off our Kid’s Lab series! Tickets for this event are $20 per kid, which includes a parent/grandparent/guardian maker at no extra charge!

Each kid’s lab project is completed at the child’s own pace, and may not take the entire event time to finish. We ask that parents stay with their child through the entire event and encourage parents to make right along with their kids.

Once your Monster is complete, we will let it dry in our studio and fire it to make it tough and durable. In about 3 weeks the project will be ready to pick up! At this point it can be painted and decorated at home with acrylic/craft paint to make your Monster even more uniquely yours!

Tickets for these events tend to sell out quickly, and between kids and parents our studio can get a bit crowded. We encourage people to purchase tickets in advance because these workshops have been selling out!