One Day Only
March 07, 2020

Heart Opening Meditation ~ workshop w/ Didgeridoos & Himalayan singing bowls

In the contemporary interpretation of the Ayurvedic seven chakra system, the heart chakra is the bridge between your physical and spiritual being. It represents the opening of feelings, compassion, and the capacity to love.

This workshop offers an introduction to the therapeutic principles of the didgeridoo, didgeridoo sound therapy and gives a basic overview of the heart chakra and its qualities and attributes.

The didgeridoo keys selected for this meditation are chosen for their ability to let in passion for life, and compassion for yourself and will be supported with complementary tones produced on concert pitch contemporary Himalayan singing bowls.

This event is on Yoga Mats in the Therapeutic & Healing Himalayan Salt Sanctuary

$40 – Reservations Required

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