One Day Only
January 15, 2019
  • WesBanco Arena
    2 14th Street Downtown Wheeling
  • 304-233-4470
  • Hours
  • WesBancoArena.com

The Globetrotters make their way back to Wheeling, and if you’re a fan, expect to be involved.

The team has increased its fan interaction by 30 percent on this tour, so there’s a chance you’ll be pulled on to the court, or called on in a challenge.

“We feel like it will just make for a better experience. Anybody I’ve ever talked to about a Globetrotter experience has been head over heels for the Globetrotters,” Rivers said. “What better way to keep that going than to make it that much better of an experience?”

The roster is full of talent. In fact, different members of the team have set five Guinness World Records in the last year.

And while there’s a lot of joking around and crazy trick shots, the Globetrotters spend 2 to 3 hours a day practicing their craft and shots.

“We have some incredible talent,” Rivers said. “You mentioned the world records; we have 21 of them right now. These guys are super talented. I’m learning so much from being around the older guys.”

And if you’re a fan of the underdog, you can always go and check out the opposing team, the Washington Generals.

They’ve won a handful of times in the last, oh, 93 years.

So, the Globetrotters aren’t too concerned.

“They have a chance, I guess. You can come see them lose on January 15th,” Rivers said.

You can find tickets at WesBanco Arena, or order them here.