One Day Only
July 13, 2019
  • Wheeling Heritage Port
    1201 Water Street Wheeling, WV
  • 304-843-1600
  • Hours
  • Free Admission

Experience India’s vast cultural and spiritual history at Heritage Port in downtown Wheeling, West Virginia. Enjoy live music and dance performances, along with traditional eats, games, and activities for the entire family. **FREE ADMISSION**

What to expect:

Tastes of India
Taste the many delicious, authentic Indian foods

Experience India
Your Passport to India–transport yourself to India and Try-on-a-Sari and Turban, and have a henna tattoo on your hand.

Family Day
Have a day full of laughter and games for the entire family–Indian themed face-painting, arts and crafts for the children of all ages


Yoga in the Park

Join some of New Vrindaban’s leading yogis for yoga in the Park. Classes every hour on the hour.

Harmonize the inner joy in your heart through the secrets of India’s philosophy and meditation practices.

Learn the secrets of your self in quick consult with the stars! Unlock hidden powers and abilities!

Farmer’s Market
Kid’s Crafts
Cultural Entertainment

Colorful Parade at 5pm
Starts on Water Street in front of Wesbanco Arena. South Street to 16th Street and then proceeds to Market Street North and
turns at 10th street to come down
Main Street to 11th street and returns to Water Street.

The Story of the Festival of India
Also celebrated as the Festival of Chariots or Ratha Yatra, this event has its roots in ancient India and the bhakti tradition and is celebrated in major cities all across the world, from Paris to London to Durban to New York.
Krishna, a Sanskrit name for God, has been away from His childhood home since He became King. When his best friends decide to visit His kingdom, they see him in His fancy royal outfits and feel he is a stranger. In their longing, they pick up the ropes that yoke the horses to His grand chariot and affectionately force Him to return home with them.
This festival is a chance for us to do the same–to reconnect and celebrate family and friends–while feeling that same joy.