One Day Only
August 01, 2020
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Meet at Lowe’s in Wheeling to begin this city cave hike…

This “cool” dark and sunlight hike goes through a railroad tunnel, the woods, a field, and Louis Wetzel’s Cave (approximately 3 miles round trip). A memory maker for all who dare to take this hike.

Some Absolute “Must Haves” for this crazy, fun hike:

Sturdy shoes or hiking boots – there is mud and water on this hike!
A flashlight for going through tunnels and cave!
Water bottle and sunscreen
A plastic grocery bag, per person, to put muddy shoes or clothing in before getting into your car!
A spare pair of shoes, any kind, for driving home
You may want to stop as we pass the Dairy Queen on our return from this cool, dark and sunlight hike, so bring some spending money, if you wish.