Figaretti’s Restaurant

Figaretti’s is a family owned classical Italian restaurant located in Wheeling, West Virginia. Figaretti’s was established in 1948 by the family’s Sicilian descendants. The restaurant is owned by the third generation of the family, Dino Figaretti.

Tony Figaretti, Sr., grandson of Italian immigrants, father Giuseppe and grandmother Anna came to the United States from Sicily. Settling first in Clarksburg, where Giuseppe found work in a coal mine. Around 1944, Anna started making spaghetti sauce for her neighbors. People in Elm Grove liked the sauce so much, they started buying it. She worked out of a little garage next to her home, and sauce got so popular that each of Anna’s five sons started helping her with the production, and delivery, to local grocery stores which soon lead to the opening of Figaretti’s restaurant. Currently owned by the third generation of the family, Dino Figaretti who still resides in Wheeling, West Virginia with his wife Michelle and son Enzio. The restaurant has been at its current location for 25 years.

Make Figaretti’s your family and come join us for a hearty Italian meal!